Ship History - Ancient, Medieval, Modern Ships

We make ships since we came to water and we didn’t know how to cross it. From the primitive tree barks to cities on water passed thousands of years but we learned a lot. Read more about ship history.

Picture Of Model Of A Medieval Mogadishan Ship

Timeline of Ships

Since the earliest desire to cross the seas, people built passenger ships which helped them in that. Ship grew bigger in time and today and today we have cities on water that can circumnavigate the globe. Check out timeline of ships.

Picture Of Dugout Canoe

History of Maritime

Maritime history begins at the time of the earliest humans when we used anything that would float to cross the water that we could not swim across, and is important as it was then.

Picture Of Ships At The Battle Of Trafalgar 1805

History of Sailing and Sails

Sail is one of the major human inventions. It allowed ships to move faster and not to depend on oars and power of human hands. Sails were invented some 7000 years go and are still in use. Read more about history of sailing and sails.

Picture Of Cruise Ships

History of Research Ships

Research ships are a special type of sea vessels that are equipped with laboratories and materials that allow for different kinds of scientific research. The first one appeared in 18th century but we still have them today. Read more about history of research ships.

Picture Of Red Boat

History of Viking Ships

Vikings were skillful shipbuilders and excellent navigators. Their ships are considered one of the greatest technical and artistic achievements of their times. Some Viking ships even lasted to this day.

Picture of Abandoned Ship
Picture Of The Battle Of Trafalgar In 1805
Picture Of RMS Titanic Ship
Picture Of Ships At Tall Ships Festival